Irresponsibility of El Periódico on car seats

"Everything you need to know when choosing a chair for your baby." This is how a news in the newspaper on children's car seats, precisely in the "Shopping" section.

We start the reading and at first we see it "correct", moderately responsible: recommendation to reverse gear, mention of the ECE R44 / 04 and ECE R129 or i-Size law, to take into account reclining the chair to avoid being the head falls to the baby when sleeping ... We understand that it is not a technical article and we turn a blind eye to some nuances that from our point of view we would correct.

Now, the surprise comes when they offer us several options that are currently on the market and that, According to them, they have obtained some of the highest scores in the tests. You already know our opinion on the ADAC tests (published by the RACE and the OCU) where winning chairs are blatantly dangerous.

Wrong criteria in car seat recommendations

First option: Römer Dualfix i-Size. It is not a bad option, like many others. The problem is that the chair model does not correspond to the link to Amazon. In their article they tell us that it is from birth and that the newborn reducer is included. Yes the Römer Dualfix i-Size comes with the included reducer, complies with the ECE R129 standard and costs around € 594. The link they have put on that cheap chair for € 322.79 is the Dualfix2 R, what it does not have a newborn reducer and it is not i-Size, basically because it complies with ECE R44 / 04. It comes from the old Dualfix, somewhat smaller and limits its use to reverse gear.

Second, we have the Star Ibaby for € 149, a group 0/1/2/3. We have searched for its approval and its instruction manual, and have only found commercial information from its distributors. It is for this reason that we will limit ourselves to making you participants of the doubts that this car seat generates with the little information that we have.

For what the Carrefour and Amazon page says, its countermarking approval is limited to group 0, more or less up to 13 kg (approximately 1.5 years). That is infinitely far from the recommendation of the DGT of a reverse gear up to 4 years; as they say in this ad you can hear here published by

We do not see any anti-tip system in the chair, especially in the case of an installation with isofix. We suppose that the top tether that the dealer says it will be installed in favor of the march; at least we cannot distinguish it in the image (perhaps it is an advertising license, such as not tying the harnesses well or not putting the head at its height ... without comments). Apart from the doubts in security; In terms of comfort, as it does not have a rebound anti-tip system, the chair must be stuck against the backrest of the rear bench seat of the car; therefore limiting the legroom of the child. Finally, we do not know the recline angle and the head height; It should always be tested in a physical store.

It seems to us a highly reckless recommendation, considering that there are inexpensive alternatives for car seats in the opposite direction to the march up to 4 years for € 200 as the Wob Uno; with all the minimum security systems and fulfilling the Plus Test.

Star ibaby sillas de coche
Star ibaby

In summary, if »your child's safety is at stake, little joke» as he says at the beginning of his article (we agree 100%), it seems irresponsible that the recommendations are based on simple opinions without any technical or professional criteria, I attach the literal paragraph:

«These offers have been selected by an El Periódico team independently based on their criteria and experience. El Periódico gets a sales commission from the links on this page »

The newspaper

Simplifying, our recommendation

  • Always test child restraint systems, prior to purchase in specialized stores. Buying online is not a good option for this type of item. We detail it better in this post.
  • Go in the opposite direction of the march as long as possible and minimum up to 4 years
  • Make sure that among the different options on the market, we take into account the angle, size of the occupants, available space in the vehicle and family planning (if there may be more children in the coming years)

Go to a specialized store, that they advise you, that they test the chair in your car and that they teach you how to install it. There are no safer chairs, but a safer position and a more suitable chair.

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    1. Exact! It is best to go to a specialized store where they advise you correctly. Sometimes we go to stores and then look at prices on Amazon and we should assess, first, if the items are exactly the same or come with the same accessories; And second, the advice that is behind in a store, where they assess your case, they explain it to you, they test you in the car before buying it to make sure that it is the chair that best suits your vehicle, etc. Buying such an important item online is crazy; I think that in these cases, as you say, we should not look at the price. We are talking about € 50 difference? Do we really count the service behind a physical store? The person who spends an hour with us explaining to us how the position harnesses are changed, who teach us how to install it step by step, with all the tricks ... We should not be guided by lists and rankings of "cheap" chairs where brands sometimes We neither know them nor easily find information about them. Thank you very much for your contribution and greetings!

  1. They gave me the star and baby chair. And I do not know what to do! My girl is still small, 7kg, I am not convinced that in reverse there is nothing that stands between her and the seat

    1. Hello Pure, I understand that you create mistrust. We did not find the manual for this chair, so you can see with it what systems the chair has, when it should go in reverse and when it should go. For the style of chair that it is, we understand that with it you cannot lengthen the counter-gear, and even, it will not fulfill the task of reaching the age of 4 in that position. Considering that it is a "security" item, it is one thing that it is designed to retain (that the child does not fly out of the chair) and another thing is that it is designed to "protect". All approved chairs retain, but not all protect. If you want to avoid any injury, what we call “zero injury”, it is always best to opt for a chair with minimum reverse gear until 4 years old; and have it tested in your vehicle at a specialized store.
      A chair that already causes "doubts" is not the best option to carry the most precious thing we have, our little ones.

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