We analyze the new Joolz Aer stroller

joolz aer

In March it will land in stores, but we have it a little earlier just to try it and make all the comparisons we want. We are talking about the new Joolz Aer stroller: a lightweight and ultra-compact stroller.

When we got the Bugaboo Ant we did a Unboxing and we rode it with you. This time we have not done it basically because it has been: open the box, remove foam and cardboard protections and deploy! Nothing to put wheels, hood, mat ... First impression, very good.

The Joolz Aer comes to start using it since we unpacked it.

In this post we will do a thorough analysis and We will compare it especially with the Bugaboo Ant, since the new Babyzen Yoyo + will not be presented until March.

Combinations and qualities

We cannot say that the quality of finishes has surprised us: the Joolz Aer stroller has excellent quality and could not be otherwise. We see a stroller well finished, with a range of trend colors and with a fast and simple folding that has made us fall in love.

It will be presented in 5 color and chassis combinations, with the carrying bag and the rain bubble included. his starting price is € 399, next to the Babyzen Yoyo + and below the Bugaboo Ant (€ 499).

From left to right: Refined black, Mighty green, Fantastic red, Elegant blue and Delightful gray

Surprise! Super high back

Upon seeing it, there is something that has caught our attention: the height of its support.

Most ultra-compact strollers have very low backrests precisely to make folding as compact as possible.

The Bugaboo Ant stood out above them with its 55.5 cm height; against the fact that the hood is flush with the backrest, so these 55.5 cm are not completely useful. The Joolz Aer has a back height of 54.4 cm separated 9 cm from the hood; So those centimeters of support are useful.

Back Bugaboo Ant vs Joolz Aer

We thoroughly analyze the Joolz Aer stroller

As for the technical measures of folding, unfolding, volume, weight, etc; we have resorted to the comparison of the Babyzen Yoyo + and the Bugaboo Ant that we did here.


In this new table you can see how the Joolz Aer stroller is slightly wider and longer; occupying some more volume in the folding. At first glance it does not seem so and covers this problem with its weight, being below the Ant and equating to the famous Yoyo +.

We have already talked about the height of support, from our point of view, wins by win in terms of useful height.

3 year old boy, 95 cm tall and 15 kg in weight

If you look at the width of the seat, we take out 6.5 cm more; and in depth it would match Yoyo + and unseat Ant.

Seat Bugaboo Ant vs Joolz Aer

As for the reclining system it has thrown us back that it was with a zipper; but again We were surprised by the ventilation that the textile has once opened, and the adjustable rope. The same zipper being closed, leaves the back with a very minimalist and clean finish.

If we get fully into the angles of recline with respect to the horizontal, we see that the minimum of 125º is somewhat higher than the Babyzen Yoyo + and much more with respect to Bugaboo Ant. This can be an inconvenience in children who like to go Very straight or forward.

The Bugaboo Ant would gain at a minimum angle, a plus of comfort for kids who like to go very straight or forward, always allowing optimal back support.

Now, as for the maximum reclining of 160º, it far exceeds both the 145º of the Yoyo + and the 125º of the Ant looking outwards. We must remember that the Bugaboo Ant can position the chair facing the parents where they would win there with their 175th recline. However, the Joolz Aer stroller is the clear winner in terms of reclining refers to looking outward.

The Joolz Aer allows a very comfortable position during the sleep of our kids.

Another highlight is the distance from the seat to the footrest, the lowest of the three; allowing the child's feet to reach that position before and his legs easily have an ergonomic position of 90º.

The Joolz Aer suspension is front and rear, without a doubt, in a next post we will test suspension and vibration; but our impressions have been good for the type of stroller that it is and the land to which it is intended, merely urban.

The height of the handlebars is on par with all the carts in its range which, without being adjustable like the Bugaboo Ant, has a very comfortable leatherette finish.


Present a very compact folding book type which, without a doubt, is one of the easiest to carry out compared to Yoyo + and Ant. It reminds us of Uppababy Minu, Inglesina Quid or Jané Rocket, which in later posts we will compare.

As for the included accessories, it will come with a carrying bag and rain plastic. If we want to expand our accessories, we can add the front bar for € 39.95; or the practical footrest for € 29.95. Today, both Babyzen Yoyo + and Bugaboo Ant already present this latest accessory in their catalog, giving our children some more comfort when they are asleep.

Our impressions of the Joolz Aer stroller

Several parents have tried the new Joolz Aer and we have valued it in terms of maneuverability, folding, pushing force, weight, etc.

The Babyzen Yoyo + still likes to be the most compact on the market, although Soon the new chassis model will come out and we are looking forward to seeing what surprises Babyzen holds for us.

If we talk about maneuverability and thrust, we find discrepancies between several parents. All the tall people who tried it said that the Bugaboo Ant was more comfortable when it came to walking because they didn't touch the back of the stroller with their feet.

We have measured the distance between the handlebars and the rear wheel axle and see that the Joolz Aer has 19 cm of space, while the Bugaboo Ant gives us 36.5 cm.

In the first place, we will notice this difference in distance, especially when lifting the stroller before an obstacle: lever law, we move away from the support point and the force to be applied is less.

Now, in linear motion, taking into account the proportion of the stride and the arms (what we move away or bring the handlebars to our body) and the cadence we have when walking, it is possible that the Bugaboo Ant seems more comfortable. It is also true that the latter is designed to add a scooter to take a second child; So this distance in this case would be covered.

Many parents commented that they noticed the Bugaboo Ant handlebar somewhat weak, but in the tests we did on the street, that first impression disappeared and we noticed a very maneuverable stroller, easy to lift on curbs and with “power steering”. Even so, the Aer does not fall short, rises very easily and has a very smooth ride.

If we focus on folding, Joolz Aer comes out airy. Its one-step book-type folding, without the need to bend over, makes it the most comfortable.

As for the weight when putting it in the trunk, Both Yoyo + and Aer are easy to grab and put inside the vehicle thanks to its shoulder straps. The Ant weighs something more and being like a compact block it costs us a little more to put it in and take it out; even if to transport it from one side to another fold, without a doubt the "trolley" mode of the Bugaboo Ant is fabulous.


When choosing a model or another we must also take into account the percentile of our child and their age.

If it is a first chair we will want to use from birth, the clear winner is the Babyzen Yoyo +. If we are looking for a lightweight chair for a 6-month-old baby of average percentile, Bugaboo Ant is a great option to be able to put our little one facing us. Now, if we look for a second chair, For a small high percentile, Aer would be the most comfortable of all. To show a button! We have tested the Ant and the Aer with a small of 3 years, 95 cm high and 15 kg of weight; and the Joolz Aer provides more comfort in both backrest and seat width.


All brands are covering the segment of ultra-lightweight compact folding strollers, intended for urban land and, above all, for air travel.

Since Babyzen launched the Yoyo + being the pioneer brand in this category, stroller models have been added to compete in this sector. Bumprider Connect, Maclaren Atom comes to mind ...

If you look at the type of folding that Uppababy did with the Minu, we can see that, for its ease, there are more and more similar models: the Inglesina Quid, The Jané Rocket, the Axkid Life ... and now also the Joolz Aer.

Demarking from so many models is complicated; and this is where Bugaboo enters with the novelty of being able to turn the chair so that the child can look towards the parents and have an adjustable handlebar at two heights.

In the Bugaboo Ant this engineering work makes unfairly penalize in folding, size and weight a chair that actually maneuvers fable and meets the desired expectations: adapt very well to the urban terrain and the person who drives, allow interacting with our children and facilitate air travel.

Now Joolz has been somewhat more conservative and to differentiate has covered a need in the ultracompact market such as the height of the backrest, a system that they have patented.

The Joolz Aer is a chair with a practical driving and folding as well as those we can already find in the market, but with the plus of going for children of high percentiles; without diminishing the qualities that the brand offers in itself.

The final consumer must balance their needs, take into account their routines and the child to whom the stroller is intended. Once you have thought about it, you should weigh the prices taking into account qualities, innovation and after-sales service.

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  1. Hello, I was interested in the joolz ser but I have seen that the city nano arrue very well, I would like to know your opinion. Thank you

    1. Hi Fatima! I have not had the opportunity to try the Arrue Nano City. I do not see a bad option but seeing the price it has (about € 200 less than the Joolz Aer) you will surely notice it in qualities. For the price similar to Arrue I have tried the Jané Rocket, the Inglesina Quid, among others, and with these I notice differences when maneuvering in the street (the Joolz maneuvers very soft and the pushing force you must do is minimal) . It is also true that in terms of comfort, the Joolz has a backrest that besides being tall is very comfortable (my little one loved it!). You will have to assess when deciding what type of stroller you need. Will it replace the one you already have? How old is your little one? Already walks? Will you use it only to travel? Depending on your answers you can opt for one or the other. If I had a little kid, who still walks a little and I will also replace my current stroller; I would choose Joolz for the fact that I am going to take advantage of it and it will be a good investment. For only trips, children of more than two years who are already walking very well, etc; You can assess if that investment comes to mind in case you will have some other child later, or if you prefer to spend something less. I hope I've helped!

    1. In principle the brand has not commented on anything of any complement to take it from birth. Think that it is a stroller that just looks outward, and it is best to have a baby under 6 months of age looking at you. From birth, if you are looking for an ultracompact by necessity (you do not have a lift or it is very small, you travel a lot, etc ...) you have options such as Babyzen Yoyo and Uppababy Minu. In the case of Bugaboo Ant, you could also use it with a newborn baby sporadically using the Cocoon bag.
      Now, I always say the same thing, let's put ourselves in the baby's skin: 9 months in the belly, darkness, constant temperature, muffled noise ... And suddenly: lots of light, lots of noise, cold ... The baby needs to make a transition to the outside world , feel protected, and we get that: 1. with porting (FOREVER porting!) or 2. with a carrycot that isolates it a little more from changes in temperature, light, car noise, smoke, unwanted hands ...
      If you do not need an ultra-compact but you are looking for a very light stroller because you live in an urban environment, I recommend you take a look at the Bugaboo Bee5 and the iCandy Raspberry; For me of the best options.
      The stroller you choose for your baby should always meet your needs, adapt to your routine and the terrain where you spend each day. In the Baby Experience stores they have Stroller Test areas to test the strollers, with city, rural, lawn pavers ... And with dolls that mimic the real weight of a baby! The thing changes when you try a stroller like that!
      I hope I've been helpful. Greetings!

  2. Hi,
    I've seen the footrest on Joolz's website, but I think it's quite short. What do you think? I worry when the baby falls asleep and goes with the legs hanging.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Neus!
      It is a footrest that is pretty good. For a small baby it is wide and long enough so that the little feet do not hang. For a bigger child, like the one in the picture, it allows you, on the one hand, that when you are down, the child rests his feet on the footrest of the chassis; and that when he is asleep, if he picks up his legs a little or folds them (my little one is always to go with his legs bent like an Indian!) he has some more support. Think it is an ultra compact, usually the footrests that add to this type of strollers are not so large.
      I hope I've helped! Greetings!

  3. Hi,

    I would like to know your opinion to choose between the jane rocket or the jookz aer.

    Thanks and best regards

  4. Hi! We are considering buying the Joolz Aer chair. We have a Bugaboo bee 5 that we love and in 2 months we will have another baby, so we need another stroller for our baby girl who will be 19 months old when she is born. We are looking for a high chair (the girl is percentile 100) and easy to maneuver. What makes me doubt the Joolz aer is that the minimum recline is much less than that of the Bugaboo bee, and the maximum recline is perhaps insufficient. We have spoken well of the Cybex Ezzy S2 +. Do you think it is a good alternative? Thank you very much

    1. Good morning Helena! I have been able to test both chairs, and without a doubt, for quality, finishes, type of folding, etc, I prefer the Joolz Aer; Especially if it is a stroller that will start using your 19-month-old but then the other baby can inherit. The Joolz brand offers a lifetime guarantee and that is a good point in its favor.
      As for reclining: the minimum is comfortable and the maximum is enough for a little one to have a good nap. Think that sometimes it is even recommended that they are not completely stretched and that they have a slight inclination of 30º to avoid reflux. Also, the Joolz Aer, when opening the zipper that allows you to recline the backrest, has a side tape to regulate that inclination.
      I recommend that you go to a store where you can compare both chairs and thus find out for yourself 😉
      A greeting!!

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