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  1. Hello, how can I follow the page on facebook? Since the address you put tells me that it does not exist, thanks

  2. First of all, thank you for all the information about the Cibex chairs, unfortunately for me it is already late since I have two, one for the two and a half years old and another for the five. Right now I feel terrible for not having investigated more before choosing, we so convinced that our daughters had one of the safest chairs on the market. I would like to ask you if you know how the safety of said chairs is once the shield or cushion is removed. Alejandra, my oldest daughter no longer uses it and the youngest would have little left and I do not know if it would be better to remove it and use them with the seat belt only or even so they are a danger.
    Thank you very much again for all your help. Greetings

    1. Hello Cristina,
      I'm glad the information was helpful to you. That's what it's about 😉
      These chairs, in the case of your 5-year-old daughter, do not pose any risk by not wearing the shield. In the case of the two-and-a-half-year-old little girl, the recommendation she would make is more in the direction she is traveling. The results of statistics and reports conclude that it is safer to travel in reverse gear as long as possible. When we say this, we mean around 4/5 years, which is when the child's bones, cervicals, etc. are already more developed. My recommendation is that you plan to change it until that age in reverse gear and save the Cybex for the moment it can travel in favor of the march (4/5 years approx). There are options that do not involve a great deal of effort and will last you two and a half years. You can go to a specialized store (it is important that they have good advisers) and that they show you different models that fit your car well, with your daughter present.

  3. Hello Cristina!
    I have read your post about the chairs with shield and you reconfirm what they had already told me and I am glad because we also have one of those and it never hurts to have more information. I deduce that if you have not put the name of the store for something it will be but if it is in Madrid I would be very interested to know it because as we are thinking of buying the intermediate, after the egg and before the Cybex with shield, I need to be advised well but that does not suppose big payout, of course ☺️
    Thank you!


  4. Hello! I have read the post in which you analyze the weight of strollers and I would like to know if you have analyzed the weight of babyhome life. In the case of emotion there is a lot of difference between the weight they put and the real weight with accessories, and I don't know if the same will happen in life. Thanks for all the items, they come in handy.

    1. Hello Jose! We don't have comments disabled, so you should have no problem posting. Follow all the steps or do it even from another browser. If you see that you cannot and want to ask us, you can write us directly here and we will answer you.


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